Blue Ka Wing


Blue Ka Wing, left-hander, an independent dance artist in Hong Kong. She started dancing at the age of 16. In 2010, she graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Contemporary Dance and Choreography. During her study, she has performed in “Symphonic Dances” that choreographed by Mui Cheuk-yin and jointly organized by Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2009, she has participated in the 30th Anniversary performance “Dao.Extraordinaire” of City Contemporary Dance Company. In 2010, she was awarded with HSBC Mainland-Hong Kong Exchange Scholarships to perform and exchange in Shanghai. She has participated in various dance festivals, performances and exchange activities in Finland, Sweden, Bangkok, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Beijing, Japan, Seoul. She was a part time dancer of Y-Space Dance Company during 2012-2013.


As a performer, Blue Ka Wing has performed in CCDC WuDaoQingNian-Podium Dance Performance in 2007, and in 2008, the team has showcased in the International Dance Festival in Bangkok. She has also participated in “Play well, sleep tight”, “Hankering” and “Grand Opening” of CCDC “New REAL Showcase Series”. “Paintings in Action” of E-side Dance Company. “Phoenix II–Read the World with Your Heart”, “Tale of a Healthy City”, “Hero@Expired”of Unlock Dancing Plaza. “New Dance Platform 2009”, “Dancing UP Dancing DOWN Dance Around Yuen Long Theatre” (1st run in 2010 and 2nd run in 2011), “Dance at the Walled Village II - Return of buffalo!” of Y-Space Dance Company. Participated in Art Basel dance performances as a choreographer and dancer in 2013 and 2014. She has also performed in musical “My Fair Lady” of Hong Kong Singers and “Luv 70%”. Blue Ka Wing also enjoys dancing Jazz Funk. She has won the second runner-up in “Gatsby Styling Dance Contest 2008-2009 PAN ASIA”.



As a choreographer, Blue Ka Wing is passionate about creating. During her study, she has choreographed “Individualism of Individuals”, “An Imaginary Friend” and site specific “Ladies speak loud”, “3/F is our PlAyGrOuNd”. Her first choreography after graduated, “The Left-hander”, was presented in “New Dance Platform 2010-Show What!?” of Y-Space dance company. A solo piece “Heart knot” was presented in “Stillness in Motion” and a full length choreography with feminine collaboration “Diving for Needles”, solo piece “The Neighbor”, “Words are just words” which were all presented by E-Side Dance Company. She has participated in “Beijing Dance Festival” with her solo piece “Hollow Stone” in July of 2012, “Season changes” in July of 2013. A full length choreography, New Force in Motion Series: 'The Left Hander' presented by LCSD. She also released her short piece “Time Lag” at the 44th Hong Kong Arts Festival’s Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series Programme 3 “Dance Off”. Afterwards, this piece has been invited to perform in Japan and Korea by Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival vol.10 and New Dance for Asia-NDA International Festival respectively. Blue’s “Time Lag” also got the shortlisted nomination by Hong Kong Dance Award 2017 as Outstanding Choreography. Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme 2016 “My Daddy, My Flying Car and Me” were presented by LCSD. “The Invisible S” were presented by 45th Hong Kong Arts Festival’s Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series Programme 2 “Cecilia’s Rhapsody”.


As a teacher, she teaches contemporary dance and Jazz Funk in some Kindergardens, primary schools, secondary schools, SDM Jazz & Ballet Academie, Ballroom Dance Promotion Society, Be-Dance and Y-Space Dance Company.

左撇子、香港獨立舞蹈人。十六歲開始習舞,2010年獲香港演藝學院舞蹈藝術學士學位,主修現代舞及編舞。曾發表的作品包括:東邊舞蹈團《鄰居》、舞蹈新鮮人系列《左撇子》、香港藝術節2016「香港賽馬會當代舞蹈平台」中發表《時差》,其後獲邀到日本Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival、韓國New Dance for Asia international festival演出,並憑《時差》入圍香港舞蹈年獎2017-候選傑出編舞