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in this moment

I feel immensely contented from experiencing the primordial fullness.


the invisible S

“There is more that is forgotten than that which is remembered in life”

— The work is inspired by the short fiction Cecilia

— The question of whether the body matters in this world

— It projects the spirit (Cecilia) that is a fantasy of the male protagonist in the story into a gold fish

— The dancer’s body as a vehicle for reflection and raising questions

The Invisible S_cover photo

It’s really novel and bold, but humorous! Stimulate inspiring thoughts and imaginations.

By Damian Cheng (Art Critics from Hong Kong)

Duration: 25min 


藍嘉穎 Blue Ka Wing

舞者 Dancers

藍嘉穎 Blue Ka Wing

陳伯顯 Rain Chan


“The Invisible S” was commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival

and was premiered at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series 2017

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