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the neighbor

In addition to a few very nice and essential furniture,

this empty house will become your haven of peace.

Cherish it, clean it and live there with respect.

To safeguard yourself, the most valuable asset, by this house.

L'art de la simplicité - by Dominique Loreau

The wall divides two distinct units.

Filtered by the wall, I guess I received the gentlest voice from the next door.

The midnight call

The midnight treatment for soul

The treatment may not be every day. Sometimes, walking a few laps,

organizing thoughts, getting energized may help.

The Neighbor_1.jpg

"The Neighbor" reveals more refinement and maturity!

By Lok Fung (Art Critics from Hong Kong)

Duration: 21min 

Choreographer: Blue Ka Wing

Rehearsal Assistant: Ivy Tsui

Music: "Walk in the park" by ....HUH!?


Somebody live alone: Blue Ka Wing

The painter: Hung Chun Lok Jonathan

The poker player: Li Hon Ting

The midnight snitch: Mary Jane Tang

The reader: Lim Wei Wei

The singer-songwriter: Edmund Leung

The cake hater: Ivy Tsui / KT Yau

“The Neighbor” was premiered at E-Side Dance Company 

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