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Time Lag

"Why there is ONLY 24 hours a day?”


Two creatures with special concept of time met on stage. The hands of clock went randomly within their mind.


"Time Lag" is created with the background of hyper rhythm life in Hong Kong.

A fate of every individual human being. To question the fate, I have started to imagine creatures which could control their own time. What if we don't need the clock? What if we know the time by asking ourselves?


The clock in their world neither clockwise nor anti-clockwise. The hands of the clocks go randomly. For example, it's 1pm now but in the next second may jump to 3am.


In the performance, there was a game showing the time lag or synchronization between these two

creatures. That also controlled the length of the performance.


When they are born, time is running by their will. The hands of clock point randomly.


"What time are you now?"

Duration: 17min 


藍嘉穎 Blue Ka Wing

舞者 Dancers

藍嘉穎 Blue Ka Wing

陳伯顯 Rain Chan

“Time Lag” was commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival

and was premiered at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series 2016 

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