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The Island Whispers...


Did they exist or not
On an island or not
Was it an Ocean or not
That swallowed them up or not

                                - Szymborska


Concept / Director 

"The Island Whispers" was created for Helen Lai, a famous choreographer in Hong Kong.  

Inspired by the poem from Szymborska, the image of a man in search of a forbidden world was created.

Zense A Cappella | A Cappella Cover | 奮鬥

MV Directing for local Cappella

Viewing 4.48 (2017) by Theatre Du Pif

To love...

To hate...

To crave...

To reveal...

To hold on tight... and to finally...

let go a theatrical journey into the world of Sarah Kane and her blistering final play 4.48 Psychosis.

Documentation Director

Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival 10 (Highlight)

Magic in Chinese Style (that you all know about)

Concept / Director 

A series of trailer created by Wilfred Wong

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