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Theatre Work

The Invisible S (2017)


"The Invisible S"  is inspired by a short local fiction "Cecila"  which is written by Dung Kai-cheung.

Hailed as Hong Kong's own Italo Calvino, Dung's lyrical, dreamlike urban tales are landmarks of our city's literary landscape.

On Dramaturg, we focused on communication between bodies and minds. 

Video Designer / Dramaturg

​My Daddy, My Flying Car and Me (2016)

My Daddy, My Flying Car and Me (2016)

"My Daddy, My Flying Car and Me" is a community art project in Hong Kong.

An exhibition truck is transformed into performing stage. 

It moves around the city and perform within different communities. 

Concept / Director / Script Writer / Lyrics writer

"My Daddy, My Flying Car and Me" is a story about little girl, Fei Fei, moved from City to the Forest with Daddy.

In the Journey, Daddy left Fei Fei with an adventure truck. Fei Fei continuous her own journey with new friends in forest.



Time with Antonin Artaud (2014)

Time with Antonin Artaud (2014)

All true language is incomprehenisble, like the chatter of a beggar's teeth.

                                                                                                         - Antonin Artaud


Concept / Director / Actor

"Time with Antonin Artaud" was inspired by the theory, Theatre of cruelty, from Antonin Artaud.. 

Antonin Artaud was a French dramatist, poet, actor, and director. His life was filled with disease, with the age of 4,, 

he contracted spinal meningitis and he was arranged with a long series of sanatorium stays. 

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